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Academy for International Modern Studies in the light of Quran, Islamic Shariah and Islamic Law. Academy includes online diploma, and certificate courses.

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We have earned Strong  academic reputation in  Banking , Insurance (takafol), Economics, Shariah. We have students from all over the world enjoying the quality education.

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Our graduates are appearing key roles in organizing & coping with main companies.


We assist people come to be an expert in professions that today’s groups need.


We facilitate regional and worldwide companies adopting quality practices for their body of workers.

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Moment’s business terrain has been changed, and advanced professional chops are the key to success in all diligence. Online courses at Rizq Institute help you to power your career growth and come more effective in your association. The online parchment and instrument programs keep your chops sharp and your knowledge applicablePoints development programs give you more perceptivity into and confidence for your job moment — and for what lies ahead in the plant.

Our online parchment and instrument courses are offered 100 online, through flexible literacy studies. Our career- acquainted studies are maintaining excellence since time 2020. You study at your own pace, and our online education strikes a balance between proposition and practicePoints isn't only established scholars but believes in transubstantiating every pupil to be an institution.

At Points, you aren't only awarded an online parchment or instrument, but our high devotion to furnishing quality education makes you assiduity ready and suitable to perform at high positionsClass is streamlined regularly, which allows you to exercise the rearmost trends in the requestPrograms are extensively chosen by working professionals and graduates seeking advanced positions.

Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance (takafol), Economics in the law of Quraan and Hadith, 

Islamic Economics

The fundamentals of the Islamic economic system start with the differences it has with the capitalistic, communistic, socialistic, and other mixed types of economic engines that have existed over the past centuries. There are seven major principles and characteristics of Islamic economic system, that in some ways mirror their capitalistic and

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What is Islamic economics

‘Civilization and its well-being, as well as business prosperity, depend on productivity and people’s efforts in all directions in their own interest and profit. When people no longer do business in order to make a living and when they cease all gainful activity, the business of civilization slumps and everything decays.” Islam has never developed a separate theory of political

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How it works?

Rizq institute offers a unique and largely flexible literacy platform that’s especially designed for people busy  with their jobsStudies can fluently be managed between work and family. You study at your own pace – can be registered to your feasibility. Animated literacy content keeps you interested in the subjectRizq Institute provides you with every installationtutoring online courses in the format that you can pursue, and helping you to start a successful career. Programs are always helpful for graduates to grow themselves and their associations.